Established 1994

Uniquely Compelling
Surprisingly Affordable
Memorial Experience

Whether you are looking to celebrate the life of your cherished one or planning for yourself, you can trust Celestis to provide a truly amazing space memorial…for you or your loved one…among the stars. A memorial service that will reach into the endless universe, with the same, unparalleled tribute engaged by NASA, astronauts, celebrities, and people around the world.

Let us guide you in choosing a destination in space. Plan an awe-inspiring, yet surprisingly affordable space memorial with Celestis, the pioneers of Memorial Spaceflight missions. Missions to eternal rest.

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How Can We Help?

A Celestis Memorial Spaceflight is for anyone you want to remember, recognize, and respect. It’s for you—whether you’re deciding on this for yourself in the future or for a loved one who has passed. Let’s explore how we can create a memorial you’ll remember forever.
Current Need

Current Need For A Passed Loved One

We’re taking reservations now for the next mission. There isn’t a more compelling memorial service for someone who loves science fiction, marvels at space or simply longs to be at one with the cosmos.
Advanced Planning

Advanced Planning For Someone

Celestis has helped many people worldwide plan ahead. We can help you make an informed decision about the memorial spaceflight option that is most meaningful for you.

Celestis Destinations

We'll help you choose your destination in space so that you will be among the stars eternally! There are four destinations available, starting at $2,495 with flexible payment plans. 

"I dream of someday being among the stars and Celestis will make that dream come true." - Lisa G.

Earth Rise

Launch to Space & Return to Earth

Earth Orbit

Launch into Earth's Orbit


Launch to the Surface of the Moon


Launch into Deep Space

Upcoming Missions

Ready to launch? Here are the current mission launches we have coming up that are still open for reservation.

Earth Orbit Memorial Service

Serenity Flight

Spaceflight #26
Cape Canaveral, FL
Launch Date: February 2025
Destination: Earth Orbit

Luna Moon Burial Service

Destiny Flight

Spaceflight #22
Location TBD
Launch Date: Q1 2026
Destination: Luna

Deep Space Burial Service

Infinite Flight

Spaceflight #27
Location TBD
Launch Date: September 2024
Destination: Voyager

A Legacy of Trust

For nearly three decades, Celestis has honored the lives of loved ones from more than 35 nations. People from every background and leaders in science,  exploration, the aerospace industry, NASA, entertainment & film, education, and military service have placed their trust in Celestis to fulfill their goal of spaceflight. In return, Celestis provides unparalleled customer service with respect, care, and commitment. We are honored to share with you their stories.

SSGT John James Cleaver

Battlefield hero, bronze star, Purple Heart recipient

James "Scotty" Doohan

Canadian actor, known for his role as Lt. Commander Montgomery Scott (”Scotty”) in the television and film series Star Trek

Astronaut L. Gordon Cooper, Jr. (Col., USAF)

Aerospace engineer, test pilot, United States Air Force pilot, and as one of the seven original astronauts in Project Mercury orbited the Earth aboard Faith 7.

Gene & Majel Barrett Roddenberry

Screenwriter, actress, and producer of Star Trek TV series.

Mareta West

The first woman astrogeologist, the lunar geologist at NASA who determined the crucial site for the first landing on the Moon.

Masaru Tomita

Two-time, all-star Japanese professional baseball player.

Why Choose Celestis?

When you select a Celestis Spaceflight, you’ve chosen the pioneer and most experienced team ever assembled to fulfill the dream of spaceflight for yourself or a loved one. Celestis’ attention to detail, flawless execution, and performance guarantee ensures a memorial experience like no other.

DNA Banking Memorial Services

Celestis DNA is available on the same terms – including price – as our post cremation Memorial Spaceflight services.

Memorial spaceflight services for those not choosing cremation. The Celestis DNA service lets you select this option for yourself or a loved one, regardless of choice for final disposition.

Experience space firsthand A part of you will be traveling through the cosmos while you also remain earthbound.

Off-Planet DNA storage and preservation. Place your DNA  aboard a spacecraft that will embark on a deep space mission that extends beyond our Earth-Moon system an endless journey into that will embark on a deep space mission that extends beyond our Earth-Moon system on an endless journey into deep space for the rest of eternity.

Home banking your heritage. The Celestis DNA service includes – at no extra cost – a DNA Memorial Home Banking Solution kit. In addition, Genetic Health, Inc. will provide a second DNA sample permitting long-term DNA storage at home. This ensures that your genetic history is preserved and available for future analysis and assessment.

Option for interstellar migration. Combining the powerful tools of deep-space radio transmission and digital DNA, Celestis offers you the option to beam your loved one’s unique DNA signature to distant galaxies, creating an affordable, personal interstellar travel option!

Uniquely Compelling Experience

For those wishing to attend the launch of a their own, or loved one’s mission, a multi-day service is presented by Celestis. Launch site tours, a memorial service, and an up-close viewing from a dedicated location provide a uniquely compelling and fulfilling experience that's like nothing else available on Earth.

About Celestis

Celestis is the only company to have successfully conducted Memorial Spaceflight missions, the only company to have been selected by NASA to honor one of its scientists, and for more than two decades has been an iconic pioneer and global leader of the commercial space age.

A Few of Our Completed Missions

Starseeker flight
Heritage Flight
Tribute Flight
New Frontier Flight

Download Your Free Planning Guide For Space Memorial Destinations

Download Your Free Planning Guide For Space Memorial Destinations

Download Your Free Planning Guide For Space Memorial Destinations